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Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one!

"thanks Saturday!"

 I started my fitness journey on my own, going to the gym and using some of the machines.  I had no real plan or knowledge on what to do.  After a month of not seeing any progress, I gave up.  I needed a guide, someone to teach and motivate me.  Saturday filled this position with ease.  He was able to custom craft workout regimens that I was capable of accomplishing at my skill level.  I also didn't know any of the proper forms for lifting weights or honestly how to even use free weights.  As my fitness level advanced, so did the custom plans that Saturday crafted for me.  He wanted to ensure that working out was never boring and so he would constantly change up the order of exercises, how much weight I was lifting, or change to new exercises that would target the same muscle groups.  Without Saturday's guidance I do not believe that I would have made the progress that I have and be where I am today.



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